How To Buy A Commercial Coffee Roaster

Commercial Coffee Machines

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Published: 19 August 2013

Most commercial coffee roasters work in a similar way. The biggest difference is the number of coffee beans you can roast. Speed is also an important factor.

We recommend that you write a list of your requirements before you start shopping. Coffee roasters are a massive investment, so you want to be sure you’re getting a good deal.

4 Things to Consider

1. Scalability

Consider your company’s future growth. Opt for a machine that will accommodate a higher volume of customers if you think you’ll grow in the next five to 10 years.

2. Easy-to-Clean

On a more practical note, you should also make sure that the machine is easy to use, clean and maintain.

3. Size

Commercial coffee roasters come in all shapes and sizes. Some will fit easily on your countertop whereas others are several feet wide. Measure the size of the space you have and ensure that whatever model you buy will fit.

4. Price

Prices vary depending on the volume of beans you need to process. Small commercial coffee roasters are available for less than $3,000. 3KG high-end models cost around and 25K models can climb to as high as $58,500.

The coffee roaster you choose will define your coffee roast. Get it right and you’ll be known by your customers for your flavorsome roasts. Get it wrong and you may force your customers to walk to the nearest Starbucks!

Top 3 Commercial Coffee Roasters

KALDI Coffee Roaster

Coming in at under $500, this fully motorized coffee roaster from KALDI is a bargain. It comes with everything you need to roast coffee straight out of the box, including a thermometer, hopper, probe rod and chaff holder. Its slick stainless steel design also means it won’t look out of place in a modern cafe interior.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster

Roasting up to a whole kilogram of coffee in around an hour, the Gene Cafe CBR-101 is as quick as it is easy to use. It’s also quiet, looks good on your counter, and is about as affordable as they come, clocking in at a reasonable $600.

Nesco® Pro Series Coffee Roaster

If you’re looking for a compact, yet stylish appliance then the Nesco® Pro Series 36 Cup Coffee Bean Roaster may be the perfect choice. It’s fast and economical; the Nesco® Pro roasts a batch of beans in just 20 to 30 minutes. Impressive. Nesco promises an even roast and uniform color so you get the perfect cup of joe every time.

Other Leading Providers

Probat Burns

Just one of the many suppliers of high quality coffee roasters is Probat Burns who offer a variety of models including solid drum, perforated drum and centrifugal technology.

The small capacity P-series utilizes drum technology to ensure uniform roasting across a range of volumes to deliver a roast of premium flavor, color and aroma.

The models incorporate user friendly operation, a roasting drum with paddle technology to guarantee a superb roast and optimal blending, and ongoing monitoring capabilities to maintain the quality of the roast and to retain the desired aroma through the rapid cooling function. The P-series will deliver a processing capacity from 44 – 440lbs per hour.

For a higher volume environment, the mid-range G series has processing capacities of 528 – 1,056 lbs per hour, and the large volume Neptune range from 1,056 – 6,500 lbs per hour.

Perforated drum technology is integrated into the Thermalo model which delivers high heat transfer levels to provide minimal fuel consumption via high velocity conductive roasting.

The perforated drum model offers consistency of roast, ACO (auto clean out) to maintain the quality of the roast and to minimize maintenance and downtime, and control over the entire process from roasting, de-stoning and cooling through the incorporated Essential Panel technology.

The centrifugal Saturn series of coffee roasters can process bean capacities from 5,500 – 8,800 lbs per hour, depending on the profile and roasting time, and delivers the user optimal flexibility to reproduce distinctive roasts even at high volumes.

This allows the enterprise to adjust their roasting profile to reflect changes in the current market trends and to best suit the quality of their green coffee beans.

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