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By Dan Barraclough | Published: 12 November 2014

The Italian coffee company Illy seeks to eliminate some of the indecision involved with choosing the right machine. Rather than spreading itself too thin, the company focuses on simplicity.

Like its coffee, which consists of one single-origin blend available in three roasts (normal, dark, and decaf), Illy’s office and retail programs are specific and satisfying.

To dig a little deeper, let’s look at Illy’s options for small and medium size offices, as well as its commercial program.

Subscription program

Illy wants to be the choice for your office’s espresso machine. The company has gone to great lengths to build a reputation of greatness. Indeed, its espresso is widely regarded to be some of the finest on the market. In America, you’ll only find it for sale at retailers that offer high-end coffee selections.

Staying on brand, the company has designed a simple yet exceptional subscription program for offices of different sizes.

Illy for small offices

For small offices of 20 or less Illy offers its Francis Francis Y1.1 Machine Subscription, which comes with one machine, monthly delivery of its iperEspresso capsules, as well as a series of welcome gifts, including an automatic milk frother, espresso cups baring the famous Illy logo, and stirrers. Discounts on shipping are also available.

The Y1.1 machine is easy to use, modern and compact. Fitting just about any area in your office, it adds an artistic touch while providing rich espresso on demand. All you have to do is load the capsule and program whether you want a single or double shot.

It can be used as your office’s sole source of caffeine, or even added to supplement an existing coffee machine.

The Francis Francis Y1.1 subscription starts around $225, which includes the cost of the machine. Monthly costs vary.

Mid size office

Larger offices have greater demand. While the Y1.1 subscription meets the needs of the boutique business, groups of 20 to 50 will simply need more coffee throughout the day.

With Illy’s Pasquini Livietta Espresso Machine Office Subscription, delivering simple, rich coffee to employees and guests alike couldn’t be easier. With a 15 bar pump and 2 thermoblocks, the stainless steal workhorse of a machine can brew and steam milk simultaneously.

Plus, the Pasquini Livietta cuts down on typical espresso wait times, heating up and brewing in just 2 minutes.

The subscription package includes the machine, specifically designed E.S.E. pods, as well as your choice of ground coffees. All of this comes with free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and $1.50 savings per can when you order 6 or more. (Coffee is delivered once a month).

Basic subscriptions for the Pasquini Livetta program (including the cost of the machine) start at $495.

Commercial program

Whether you serve espresso for your catering company, in your bakery, or as part of your restaurant’s beverage menu, Illy has a program designed to easily incorporate its signature coffee into your commercial operation.

The E.S.E. (Easily Serving Espresso) Pod Program can turn any employee into a barista by simply inserting the pod into the company’s X1 machine.

You don’t have to spend time measuring grounds and manually operating a clunky, noisy machine, as the E.S.E. pod comes with a carefully tamped and dosed supply of Illy’s famous espresso. To deliver the professional coffee experience that your customers expect, each pod is enclosed in filter paper, which maintains aromatics and taste.

The cost of the E.S.E. program varies, but the X1 machine starts around $300.

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