Salesforce CRM Review 2020

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

An easily adaptable CRM software platform for small, medium-sized and enterprise businesses


  • Essential and feature-heavy packages available
  • Basic package great value for money
  • Compatible with other cloud-based software
  • Desktop and app versions

X Cons:

  • The more features, the more complex it is to use
  • A bit of a price hike between software packages

Salesforce states that its Sales Cloud software is the world’s number one CRM platform – and who are we to argue? Some big names certainly agree. Carlo’s Bakery called on Sales Cloud to help them manage their rapidly expanding customer base after appearing on TLC’s Cake Boss. And if you’re into your machines more than your cake mix, the likes of Aston Martin and Virgin America are using this clever software package, too.

Since 1999, 150,000 businesses have invested in Sales Cloud software. Read our Salesforce review to help decide if their CRM is right for you.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system that enables you to sell, service, and market your organization on one platform across multiple devices (there’s even an app!). The software sets itself apart from other CRM systems thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI), which helps businesses to better manage their customers’ journey from start to finish.

You can make the system as simple or as complex as you want, and even the essentials-only package works for small businesses. A basic Salesforce CRM system should be easy to set up and navigate. But it doesn’t take a NASA astrophysicist to work out the bigger the package, the more complex it’ll be to get to grips with!

Salesforce CRM Features and Benefits

What do you get for your cash?

Salesforce CRM review benefits stats

A Salesforce CRM can substantially increase your lead conversion, sales productivity and revenue

Sales Cloud CRM Package

Tired of trying to manage multiple spreadsheets of customer information? Maybe you’re wasting time chasing leads that already closed. Or do you want to know where the weakest link lies in your customer journey?

The Sales Cloud package is great for small businesses and as a base package for bigger organizations. With the Salesforce CRM onboard, you’ll really be able to clue yourself into the ins and outs of your business and get things running smoothly.

You’ll benefit from features that’ll speed up sales processes. The system will even help you send the right leads to the right rep, assisting you in achieving those healthy growth figures you’ve been waiting for.

A lot of businesses use Sales Cloud alongside other compatible software packages to help maximize their CRM data. We’ve outlined some details of the possible packages below:

Service CRM Package

Adding the Service Cloud element enables you to deliver an exceptional service that’ll put your business head and shoulders above the competition. This is largely down to the AI, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviour and ensure office and field staff are better connected.

Marketing CRM Package

If you’re committed to expanding your customer base, Marketing Cloud is well worth looking into. It may take time to wrap your head around the additional features, but you’ll see the reward in the results.

Marketing Cloud will help you manage multiple marketing channels, including email, social media, paid advertising and web. Studio software will enable you to build and align marketing campaigns and help you communicate directly with your audience.

Commerce CRM Package

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a clever system, which means you don’t need to employ data scientists to extract the vital info! With features allowing for insights, time-saving and personalized shopping, this CRM add-on is all about helping you create the best customer journey.

The idea of launching new sites overseas doesn’t need to be scary. The Commerce Cloud is clever enough to manage multiple sites across multiple countries. And thanks to the cloud-based system, you can easily integrate other compatible software packages that help you perfect the way your organization interacts with its customers.

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Salesforce Pricing

The Salesforce essential software will only set you back a small amount – perfect for startup businesses looking to invest in their first CRM software.

As you would expect, the price increases based on two things – the number of features you require and the amount of people that need to use the software. We’ve put together a basic list of pricing which states how much you should expect to pay per user per month, billed on an annual basis.

Salesforce Essentials


Lightning Professional


Lightning Enterprise


Lightning Unlimited


Sales Cloud$25$75$150$300
Sales and Service Cloud$100N/A$175$325

Both the marketing and commerce clouds include a heap of different features, so pricing is more tailored. However, you can get a good idea of how much this kind of CRM system will cost you by filling in this form.

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Salesforce – A CRM for Small Businesses

Are you considering Salesforce for your new business? Salesforce isn’t just for the big guns mentioned at the top of the article. It’s for small organizations, too. In fact, Salesforce won Business News Daily’s award for the best CRM software for small businesses .

Even the basic Sales Cloud is packed with plenty of management services to get you going. For the price of a mobile contract, you’ll no longer need to worry about unearthing printouts from piles of paper or lose sleep because you don’t know whether your sales team are reaching their targets.

Best of all, the Salesforce CRM can expand with your business. You can upgrade to allow more employees to use the software and marketing and commerce add-ons are there if required.

The Expert Verdict

Salesforce CRM software is great for businesses of all sizes. With the freedom to tailor your package to your needs and budget, you are in control – and that’s a good feeling!

For small businesses, it’s best to stay basic but if you want to test out a more complex CRM package in the future, you can always get involved with a free trial. For larger businesses, the number of compatible add-ons is hugely valuable.

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