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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 25 March 2020

What's the best vehicle tracking device for your company? Read more about your different options below.

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Vehicle trackers enable more effective fleet management

Vehicle tracking devices are handy little gadgets. In their most basic form, they sit on the dashboard and monitor things like speed, location and time. They then feed data back to a central software system, which you can consult when required.

The best vehicle tracking devices bring even more to the table. They’re clever bits of kit that can really make an impact on the way you operate your fleet. Teamed up with the latest vehicle tracking software, they’ll help drive your business forward by saving you money and making your operations more efficient.

What are the Different Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices?

There are three different types of vehicle tracking device available. These are:

But which one is the best vehicle tracking device for you? The one you need will depend on the size of your company and the scale of your fleet. Find out more about each one below.

Standalone Vehicle Trackers

Standalone vehicle trackers are the cheapest option for small businesses with a limited fleet. They won’t collect the same level of data as cloud-based or self-hosted tracking systems, but they’ll tell you where exactly your vehicle is located and where it has already been.

Cloud-based GPS Trackers

If you’re looking for reliable GPS tracking, choose a cloud-based system. For a monthly fee, all of your tracking data is stored safely on the web, and can be accessed so long as you have an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about downtime, which means you’ll always be on the ball when it comes to efficiently managing your fleet.

Self-hosted Vehicle Trackers

Instead of storing your tracking data on the cloud, all of the data is stored on an on-premise server. It means you’re completely responsible for the upkeep of your system, but you don’t get the monthly costs involved with hosted data. This type of GPS tracking system is best for larger companies who have the overheads to handle it.

What are the Best Vehicle Tracking Devices?

According to research carried out by Expert Market, the following companies offer the best vehicle tracking devices:

These companies have been voted top because they offer a standout combination of quality hardware and innovative software. But should you be investing in a standalone, cloud-based or self-hosted system? Find out more about each one below.

NameType of TrackerStar Rating
Verizon Connect GPS TrackingCloud-based
Navixy GPS TrackingCloud-based

LiveView GPS – Live Trac PT-LTE1

LiveView GPS have a pretty good reputation within the vehicle tracking sector. They have a huge range of products, starting with the Live Trac PT-LTE1. This standalone device is completely non-committal, with no monthly fees to worry about. It updates vehicle location every 10 seconds at speeds over 10 miles an hour. And it’s completely dustproof and water resistant, so feel free to place it inside or outside the vehicle.

Supplier Rating:


  • 18-hour battery life
  • No contract commitments

X Cons:

  • Only records location data

Samsara GPS System

The Samsara system is very clever. It consists of a combination of hardware and software, creating a package that’ll help you gain greater control over your fleet operations. The hardware package includes cellular gateways, dash cameras and wireless sensors. These team up with a driver app to provide both you and your team with insight into how your fleet network runs.

Supplier Rating:


  • Benefit from distracted driver detection
  • Historical performance analysis possible

X Cons:

  • App can get a little glitchy


If you’re looking for a device that combines ease of use with intelligent functionality, a tracker from GPS-Server is certainly worth looking at. What’s most important to note is that it’s a self-hosted tracking system, which makes it ideal for larger businesses. It essentially means that any data collected by the hardware is saved on an on-site server, giving you greater freedom over how that data is utilized.

Supplier Rating:


  • Gain a detailed data insight
  • Be in control of your own system

X Cons:

  • Only for larger businesses

Verizon Connect GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking device system from Verizon Connect is a great alternative to the Samsara system. Included within the package is advanced technology that enables you to access vehicle tracking data from anywhere, as well as detailed maps, easy to use dashboards and utilization facilities.This makes it hugely beneficial to medium to large-sized companies. Combined with a reasonable monthly fee, Verizon Connect certainly make this system a good option.

Supplier Rating:


  • Fixed monthly price
  • Detailed insight

X Cons:

  • Have to tie yourself into a contract

Navixy GPS Tracking

Navixy certainly offer superior vehicle tracking devices. They have heaps of hardware available, from which you can build your own package. Combining great software, next level customer service, assistance in eco driving and a system that helps drivers avoid accidents, there’s no doubt that Navixy offers exceptional quality. However, the package may well set you back almost $500 per month.

Supplier Rating:


  • Opportunity to improve driving skills
  • Huge range of data available

X Cons:

  • Expensive
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What are the Main Benefits of Investing in the Best Vehicle Tracking Devices?

There are a trunk-load of benefits to investing in a vehicle tracking device. Used effectively, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money, and better manage your time for more efficient business operations. Here’s how:

Driver Behavior Insight

Are your drivers driving efficiently? What’s their acceleration like? How are their braking skills? The best vehicle tracking devices will clue you into this kind of data. Your drivers can then use that data to kick their bad driving habits, which in turn could result in lower fuel consumption and less money spent on vehicle maintenance.

Fuel Consumption

Could you be saving money on fuel? Some vehicle trackers can be hooked up to your fuel sensor. They send data over to your software, which you can then use to look at patterns in fuel use. Are your drivers following the most fuel-friendly routes? How often do they waste fuel by keeping the engine ticking over at standstill?

Real time ETA Prediction

Like a regular GPS system, vehicle tracking devices measure a route and set the predicted ETA. So why do some of your drivers keep missing their arrival time? Vehicle trackers will alert you if your driver deviates from the designated route. They’ll even alert you to vehicle idleness if a driver happens to take an unscheduled break.

Ability to Manage Mobile Workers

So team member A is stuck in traffic, and they’re going to be late for their next job. Team member B has finished a job earlier than planned and is closer to the job than driver A. Use your vehicle tracking software to reallocate the job from driver A to driver B – that way, your customer is kept happy and you have a better chance of keeping the working day on schedule.

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