2 Line Phone System

2 line phones

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Published: 14 April 2016

Choosing the right phone system is crucial to help grow your business. This guide looks at the benefits of 2 line phone systems for startups and small, home based businesses.

A 2 line phone system is a separate telephone line which can be used by businesses or homeowners for a number of functions such as remote voicemail, internet connections, faxing or most commonly, as an additional extension for your business. A 2 line phone system is two separate lines which provide two different telephone numbers and they are an extremely cost effective method for home based businesses, contractors or small business owners to keep business communications separate from personal calls with a completely different telephone number.

2 line phone systems incorporate two separate telephone lines (and numbers) which run to the same device. This feature makes them extremely popular with startups and small business owners who are looking to grow their business slowly by adding an extra phone line.

2 line business phone

Benefits of 2 Line Business Phones

2 line telephone systems offer a range of benefits both to small and medium sized businesses as well as home based business owners. Businesses benefit from a 2 line phone system in several ways as they are ideal for handling a number of tasks at the same time and allow you to accept more than one telephone call simultaneously. This efficiency aids multitasking and is a huge advantage when it comes to completing your day to day business objectives. 2 line phones are also popular with home based business owners as they allow you to keep your home and business separate by providing two separate numbers for domestic and commercial issues. As a result, a 2 line phone solution can be a great way to take voicemails or provide another department of your small business with a separate telephone number unique to them.

As technology advances further, telephone lines are becoming more sophisticated and the 2 line system is just another of these developments. In the years to come there will be further additions and advancements in VoIP technologies and other systems which will offer even more methods to communicate with colleagues, partners and clients.

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Who can use a 2 Line Phone System?

2 line phone systems are useful for both domestic and commercial customers but as highlighted, are particularly popular with small business owners. This is because many business owners in the early stages of starting up may use a spare room at home as an office and do not to want to receive work phone calls on a personal home telephone number.

Two phone line systems are a great way to avoid this. Alternatively you can use the two line system for different extensions or a customer service function. The possibilities are endless for what you can use the 2 line system for. Within larger organizations it is not uncommon to see a four, six or twelve line phone system which is installed to support the requirements of a growing business, but in smaller businesses a 2 line system is more than sufficient to support the day to day communication requirements.

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2 Line Phone Systems: How They Work

If you have one of these systems already you may be wondering how two separate phone lines can be used with the same device. Single line and multi line systems work in a very similar way but what is the difference? If you remove the cord from the socket and study it closely you will see that there are four wires inside; some have more, others have less but the most common number is four. If this is the case with your telephone line, you are ready to receive multi line phone calls. A regular telephone line only requires two cables so in a multi line system you have a few wires spare which is how the device can handle two different telephone numbers. In order to activate the second telephone line all you have to do is to contact your service provider or telephone company and ask them to connect the other two wires to create a second line.

All telephone lines include a jack which is where the cord for the phone is plugged in. This phone cord is linked to the wall jack which then connects your telephone to the service provider wiring. Inside of the phone jack there are ‘contacts’ or ‘conductors’ which identify the wires inside each of the cords and create a link with the telephone line. The contacts in a 2 line phone jack will understand that there are four wires instead of two whereas a traditional, single line phone system will only identify that there are two wires and hence, one line. Even if you were to have two phone lines in operation, if you plugged a two line cord into a single phone jack, only one of the lines will operate successfully and you will only receive calls from one of the numbers rather than both.

2 line phone systems immediately identify that there are two telephone lines and pinpoint which line the signal is trying to connect with. In this way, 2 line telephone systems aren't really that different to a regular, single line but the benefits they offer are.

The options for two line phones give you many opportunities as a business owner and if you are thinking of upgrading your system it is well worth looking into the decision more closely including price comparison checks between providers and the full list of features offered as adding an extra phone line can have huge advantages for your business.

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