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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Published: 8 January 2016

This article will explain how hands free, or voice-activated phones work, and provide several options available for your business.

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Up until recent years, there has been a disappointing lack of functional, affordable hands free phone systems available for people with physical disabilities.

Thankfully, this has now changed and there are an increasing number of options available for people who do not have full use of their arms or hands, including phones for quadriplegics.

Voice-activated, hands free phones can be operated without the need to manipulate any type of button or switch.

There are a number of different kinds of hands free phones for the disabled, as explained below.

Voice Recognition & Activation

To date, voice recognition remains the most common hands free system available.

It is convenient and user friendly, but some systems continue to have pitfalls such as their tendency to pick up too easily on external noise, be it from televisions, radios, medical equipment, air conditioning systems or speech from other people. The problem lies in the sensitive recording equipment.

Therefore when you record your custom dialing commands, such as call mother, call hospital, etc., the voice recognition will also pick up other sounds in the room.

When you later command the phone to dial a pre-recorded name, the system will listen for the exact same sounds it processed when you first programmed the unit.

If there are significant differences in the tone of your voice or background noise, then the system will not recognize the command.

However, these systems remain the simplest to use and continue to be popular among physically disabled people. A headset to avoid external interference is often used to deal with noise issues.

There are also now new state-of-the-art systems available that allow speakerphone operation without a handset.

The Use of Whistle Control

Another new technology that has been specifically designed for the disabled is the use of whistle control.

The whistle detection system has been developed to accept a wide range of frequencies so that you do not need to hit a particular note in order for it to function.

Through extensive research, it was discovered that a whistle is sufficiently different from the usual detected sounds to allow selective hands free phone operation.

Switch Adapted Bluetooth Devices

This system works by connecting any standard ability switch into the speaker phone jack, then simply press your ability switch to make, answer or end calls from your Bluetooth cell phone.

There is no need to press any tiny button on the Bluetooth accessory or any buttons on the phone. A single press of the ability switch is all that is required.

Hands Free Phone Options

For a more specialised system, suitable for people with severe disabilities, you should seek advice from companies who specialize in such systems. You may be entitled to a free system through the government, so it helps to explore your options.

There are various online forums that discuss this topic in detail and often give invaluable advice on where to shop and where to seek assistance with regard to free, specialized systems that you may be entitled to.

Next Steps

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