What are the Best POS Systems for Hospitality Businesses?

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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Published: 3 September 2013

Run your restaurant or hotel business as smoothly and efficiently as possible with these best POS systems for hospitality

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Choosing the right POS system will make a huge difference to the way you manage your business

The term ‘hospitality’ covers the hosting and entertaining of guests within an establishment. Largely, these establishments can be split into two – restaurants and hotels.

The trouble with looking for an EPOS system based on such a broad term is that you’re not going to find one that specifically covers your requirements. For example, the management of a hotel demands far more from an EPOS system than the management of a restaurant.

EPOS system management covers front of house and back of house. For a restaurant, this can be food ordering, table booking, inventory reporting, and any marketing related to customer loyalty.

For a hotel, a hospitality EPOS system has to handle additional areas of business. This can be room reservations, laundry scheduling, cleaning scheduling, and restaurant booking, in addition to stock reporting, and potentially marketing.

This is where Expert Market comes in. We’re experts in point of sale systems, and we know that for you to truly invest in the right POS system for your hospitality business, you need to be looking at either the best POS systems for restaurants, or the best POS systems for hotels.

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The Top Three POS Systems for Hotels

A good hotel POS system will either come with its own property management software (PMS) or be able to integrate with third party PMS. This means you’ll have a system that addresses every single area of hotel management, as well as the sale of food and drink.

According to our research, Hotelogix, EPOS Now, and Lightspeed offer the best POS systems for hotels.

Let’s see how they compare against each other.

SupplierBest ForStar RatingRead More
HotelogixLarge hotelsRead more
EPOS NowSmaller hotelsRead more
LightspeedPMS integrationRead more


Best for large hotels

Hotelogix’s POS system is completely centered around the requirements of the hotel industry. It doesn’t rely on the integration of hotel-specific software, because it is hotel specific software.

It’s also partnered with lots of other hospitality tech giants to provide you with any additional services you may require. Whether you own a B&B, a city hotel or an entire resort, Hotelogix is a hotel POS system that covers hospitality businesses of all sizes.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Fully integrated hotel PMS system
  • Manage your hotel from a single dashboard
  • Sync with all hotel departments
  • Links to hotel website for commission-free bookings


Best for smaller hotels

One of the big names in the hospitality EPOS business, EPOS Now is already an established POS system for restaurants. With the integration of hotel PMS software, it easily becomes a POS system that’ll help you manage your entire hotel. Caterbook is EPOS Now’s chosen right-hand man, and it’s the perfect PMS software for small hotel businesses.

From managing room bookings and housekeeping to extracting sales reports across hotel restaurants and shops, the combination of EPOS Now and Caterbook will ensure your hotel is run with maximum insight and efficiency.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Reception desk software
  • Web booking engine
  • Channel manager
  • Synchronizes sales data


Best for PMS integration

Lightspeed is another restaurant POS provider that has taken the leap into hotel management. Again, like EPOS Now, it uses PMS integration to provide the hotel management part of the system.

Lightspeed is compatible with more PMS software packages than EPOS Now, with Oracle, StaynTouch and Cloudbeds examples of just some of its available PMS pairings.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Pay total bill upon checkout
  • Mobile ordering
  • Set staff permissions
  • Range of PMS integrations

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The Best POS Systems for Restaurants

The market for restaurant POS systems is pretty saturated, but thanks to our research, we’ve managed to whittle all these suppliers down to the top three. According to our research, the best POS systems for restaurants come from TouchBistro, Toast and Nobly.

Let’s see how they rate against each other.

SupplierBest ForStar RatingRead More
TouchBistroAll round qualityRead more
ToastRigidityRead more
Nobly POSCustomer serviceRead more


Best all-round quality

With a name like TouchBistro, it’s got to be good. And according to its extensive list of clients, it really is. Not only does TouchBistro supply a superior product, its customer service is top level, too.

Perhaps one of the reasons why it does such a good job is because the majority of the TouchBistro team knows the hospitality industry. This means every little restaurant-associated niggle is, quite literally, catered for. Certainly a winner for us.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Tableside ordering
  • Integrates with a kitchen display system
  • Extensive security and permission controls
  • Integrates with other industry software


Best for rigidity

Toast supplies a very rigid POS system. While many hospitality POS system suppliers have chosen to go down the iPad POS system route, Toast has stuck to a fixed POS display, making it a great robust choice for super busy restaurant environments.

That’s not to say you’ll miss out on mobility with Toast. Its Toast Go device enables staff to take orders at the table. And, although easy to use, Toast hasn’t held back on software capability. There’s plenty of reporting potential, and you can even set the system up for online ordering and delivery.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Includes a point of sale system
  • Use Toast Go to take orders at the table/li>
  • Rigid hardware
  • Online ordering and delivery capabilities

Nobly POS

Best for customer service

Nobly POS is another restaurant POS supplier that has earned itself a good reputation among its clients. The software itself is packed full of features that’ll help you manage every area of your restaurant, whether it’s ingredient tracking or growing relationships with your customers through targeted marketing.

On top of that, its customer service team will ensure the installation and integration of your restaurant POS system is smooth and hassle-free.

Supplier Rating:

Top features

  • Intelligent reporting
  • Take orders at tables
  • Good amount of offline features
  • Manage your inventory

Expert Verdict

Running a hotel or a restaurant isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be made harder by an inefficient EPOS system. Investing in any of the hospitality EPOS systems mentioned above will help you to manage your establishment so it runs as efficiently as possible.

With front of house, back of house, and customer loyalty taken care of, you’ll hopefully notice your stress decreasing and your profits increasing. You can find out how much a POS system for hospitality will cost your business, and compare quotes from a range of providers, just by filling in our short form.

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