What Point Of Sale System Does Subway Use?


By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher | Published: 3 September 2013

Subway is the second largest fast food chain with over 32,000 outlets in around 90 different countries.

Their point of sale (POS) system is custom made, specifically designed for their needs by Scoresby Interactive.

Subway restaurant

Subway’s aim when creating their POS system was simplicity of use. This was in order to reduce training time. They also wanted a system to prevent employee theft. The full list of their requests and goals can be seen below:

  • Reduce the amout of time needed to train new staff
  • Minimize the risk of employee theft
  • Increase the speed of service
  • Improve order accuracy


Subway’s new POS system built by Scoresby Interactive specifically for their needs has helped the company reach these goals.

The system turned out to be so effective that staff found they could engage more with their customers whilst using it.

It’s so easy to use that most store managers no longer need to offer new members of staff formal training. Now they just give a simple orientation to each new employee at the start of their first shift.

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Aimee Bradshaw Writer and researcher

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