What Point Of Sale System Does Target Use?

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Published: 4 September 2013


Target utilizes its own in-house point of sale (POS) system that has been developed by its IT department, Target Technology Services. Each store has its own servers capable of running about 30 registers and these are supported by a third party IT services provider who have technicians trained in Target store procedures. Target stores do not employ full-time IT staff.

Over the last few years Target has significantly upgraded its IT infrastructure. Each store now operates with two servers which run the company’s custom POS system. Having two servers per store means Target can run up to 30 cash registers as well as inventory, stock control and pharmacy databases.

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Target runs most of their POS software on Microsoft. However, their pharmacy runs on Linux. The entire POS process is extremely smooth and works in tandem with the Inventory Management software which means that Target are able to understand the demand for every product they sell, right up to the second.

Target were also the leaders in adopting electronic signature pads which has only helped to speed up the purchasing process. Whilst in the past Target have opted to use IBM, VeriFone and Hypercom hardware for electronic signature pads, today they use a customized version of the Hypercom Optimum L4150.

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